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How We Work

1. The Talent Partner

We’ll assign you a Talent Partner, and they will become an expert in your company, serving as an extension of your team. This relationship extends beyond a single role placement - they’ll stay in touch and be there for any talent-related discussions in the future. 

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2. The Recruiters

The Talent Partner will develop a job brief including all the details and materials that help tell your story in a more dynamic way. They will present the job brief to their team of recruiters, who will then kick off the end-to-end search, which includes behavioral and skill-based screening interviews.

3. The Insider Network

We’ll also engage our referral network, which is a curated team of high-performing executives across several roles, industries, and professional groups. Careerlist Industry Insiders are able to rapidly generate qualified and vetted recommendations for your role, identifying the candidates that traditional recruiters are unable to reach on their own.  

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4. The Shortlist

Our internal recruiting team and the Talent Partner will review all leads generated. Together, they will evaluate for best fit, building a shortlist within 10 business days. 

5. The Hire

The Talent Partner will work closely with your team until the ideal candidate is identified. They will continue to consult throughout negotiations until an offer is accepted.