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About us

We’re not like traditional recruiting firms.  Our mission is to make recruiting better for everyone.

Like so many others, all of us at Careerlist have had a negative recruiting experience.  Traditional recruiting is slow, networks are limited, and there is an overall lack of communication.  

At Careerlist, we believe a better experience leads to better hires. We’re committed to changing the industry, so we're building the world's most diverse network that's both trustworthy and scalable.

Our values






read about our commitment to diversity

Meet the team

Michael Scissons
Chairman & CEO
Kristin Sheridan
Sonam Saggar
VP Finance
Nikki DeMaio
Rolando Murillo
Director of Engineering
Gabbi Stahl
Talent Partner
Callie McCall
Talent Partner
Alessandra Lebelson
Talent Partner


Careerlist is funded by technology disruptors from Canada and the USA. Some of our investors include Garage Capital, Breakaway Growth Capital, Grid Ventures, Coffin Capital and individual investors including Carolyn Everson, Tom Arrix, Luiz Edmond, Ryan Holmes, William Campbell, among others.