Our Commitment to Diversity

Building a workplace that is better for everyone.

Careerlist is focused on fostering diversity both within our walls and across our customers. We believe in people, and we believe that diversity of backgrounds, education, gender, ethnicity, circumstances and real-world experiences make the world a better and stronger place.

Recruitment has a long history of discrimination. For too long, the traditional recruiting process-- including resumes, technologies, algorithms and attitudes among other tactics--have systematically disadvantaged many groups in the workplace.  

We are committed to leading the way forward and are dedicated to building a more inclusive company and talent solution for our customers. Our focus is centered around our People, Training, Network, and Clients.

Our People: We aim to hire team members who share values of equality and are excited to learn from others, regardless of background.

Training & Dialogue: We are committed to workplace learning, discovery, and training to reduce bias both inside our company and in our community.

Our Network & Technology: The network that we are building should be more diverse than the communities we serve, ensuring all people are represented in the opportunities we offer. We focus on establishing equal representation by seeking guidance and talent recommendations from a wide variety of sources to lessen any potential bias of a single individual.

Our Clients: We only work with customers who uphold the same standards we do. This is something we are all working on together, and we are only as good as our weakest link.

We believe equity is a reiterative process, and with this recognition, we are committed to reflecting on this statement every year to ensure we are advancing equity within our own organization.