Current State of the Ever-Changing Job Market

Careerlist Founder & CEO Michael Scissons sits down with BNN Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman to discuss the current state of ever-changing job market.

Top Takeaways

  • ⬇ Reduced Demand for Professionals: In the past year, there has been a decline in the number of top professionals receiving calls from executive search companies, indicating a shift in the job market.
  • ⬆ Increase in Job Seekers: In the past 6 months, there has been a significant increase in professionals proactively reaching out for job opportunities, with hundreds of candidates contacting executive search firms each week.
  • 📊 Varied Job Markets: Different sectors within the job market are experiencing varying conditions. For instance, AI experts are in high demand, while those in less specialized roles, such as software sales, may find it harder to secure jobs.
  • 🤖 Impact of AI: Companies are emphasizing AI as a key component of their operations. The ability to articulate how AI affects your potential new job during the interview process is increasingly important.
  • 💰 Salary Expectations: While there has been some moderation in salary growth, it varies depending on the person's expertise and the specific job market they are in. The hyper-competitive bidding seen in the job market a year ago has cooled down.