An executive search company with purpose.

Our mission is to make recruiting successful for everyone.
We are a team of world-class recruiters backed by innovative technology and a robust network of industry insiders. We are modernizing Executive Search to help our clients fill Director through C-Level positions with the highest caliber talent, across all departments.

The best recruiters in the business, empowered to do their best work.

Innovative Tech Platform

Our technology allows better insight, discovery and connection to top executives, allowing us to move fast with consistent results.

World Class Recruiters

We've assembled the most innovative recruiters in the business and created a dynamic environment where they can thrive.

Rooted in technology, we are a company that is making executive search faster, better and more diverse. By bringing together the best minds in technology and search, Careerlist goes beyond the capabilities of traditional firms to deliver top results consistently.  We partner with organizations across chief and executive roles in all areas of sales, marketing, finance, legal, technology, product and operations. A true partner in growth, our process delivers the talent our clients need to grow quickly supported with expert insights. 
The Founders
With founders Michael Scissons and Kristin Sheridan at the helm, Careerlist is led by a team of innovators with over 30 years of shared experiences building high-growth teams. These proven pioneers are ushering in a new era of technology-centric executive search with top candidate experience.
Careerlist founders, Michael Scissons and Kristin Sheridan, were frustrated with the slow and ineffective traditional recruiting practices and saw a vision to create a faster, smarter, more reliable executive search practice.

Michael Scissons

Michael draws from his over 15 years of experience launching successful startups and guiding high-growth companies as an active Board Member. Michael’s previous company, Flashstock, where he was co-founder and chairman, grew into the global leader in Content as a Service and was acquired by Shutterstock in 2017. Previously, Michael was the VP of eCommerce at AB InBev where he led the global eCommerce businesses, launching and acquiring operations in 10+ countries. His early career was working with Facebook where he launched their Canadian sales operations in 2006.

Kristen Sheridan

President & Co-Founder, Kristin Sheridan draws from over 15 years in executive search where she has worked at top multinational firms including CT and Caldwell Partners. Over this time she has built a reputation for speed and excellence as a trusted partner to executives and board members for hiring top executives across finance, sales, marketing, HR, and legal. Kristin’s frustration with the speed and lack of innovation in the larger analog firms led her to join Careerlist in a quest to improve the experience for both companies and candidates. 

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