Our mission is to make recruiting better for everyone.
Careerlist empowers entrepreneurial recruiters with technology to broker connections between remarkable talent and top employers.
A brokerage of world class recruiters.
We’re assembling the most innovative recruiters in the business and creating a dynamic environment where they can thrive.
An innovative tech platform.
We power our recruiters with technology that allows them to diversify their lead generation, increase passive revenue, and develop meaningful partnerships.
How it works
1 | We establish the talent needs of Careerlist employers.
We identify, assess, and partner with top hiring managers who are in search for the best talent that fit their team’s culture and long-term strategy.
2 | We activate our Talent Agent Network through our platform.
We then provide access to these qualified, vetted job searches to our recruiters and support them in their business growth and operations.
3 | We enhance the recruiting experience for everyone.
Our vision is to create a global network of remarkable talent through a new model of recruitment that upgrades incentives and encourages partnerships.

Our Team

Sam Roworth
Head of Business Development

Michael Scissons
CEO & Chairman

Prannoy Nambiar
Head of Product & Growth

Sonam Saggar
Head of Strategy & Finance

Tim Chen
VP of Engineering

Nikki DeMaio
Director of Operations

Kristin Sheridan
VP of Accounts and Talent